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I am Doug Waugh, the Chair of Trustees, and I live in Richmond. My career was in managing computers and telephones, their usage and their networks, for Black and Decker and then for the University of Leeds. As variously trustee, treasurer, chair and volunteer, in Richmond I have also been involved with the Georgian Theatre, concerts society, Civic society and promoting the Town. My wife had early-onset dementia and improving the experience others have is my motivation.


“Hi, I am Chris Lees. I currently consult primarily within the global corporate real estate sector, where I am one of a handful of occupancy analytics specialists. I also provide large corporates with advisory services supporting workplace strategy, technology, productivity and well-being, and provide services across the real estate industry relating to data, data management and data governance.”

“My name is David and I am a founder trustee of the board and currently the Vice Chairman, having stepped down as Chairman in 2021. With an engineering degree in electronics, for the final years of my professional life I was Managing Director of a subsidiary of an American silicon chip manufacturer. In addition to my role with Dementia Forward, I am an active member of Rotary and a Trustee of an almshouse charity!”

Dementia Forward Trustee

“My name is Pet Fowler-Watts, and I am one of the original trustees from the time of the formation of Dementia Forward. I have a background in nursing, and am now retired after 14 years as Matron/Manager of Royal British Legion Lister House. I am responsible for HR on the Dementia Forward Trustee Board.”

Dementia Forward Trustees“Hello, I am Stuart Rhodes. I am a retired university senior lecturer with forty years teaching and training experience. My main role as a trustee for Dementia Forward is in supporting developments in fundraising. Like many of my fellow trustees, I have personal experience of caring for a relative with dementia.”

Dementia Forward Trustees“I am Neil Cutler. I am now retired, but was a Senior Manager in the NHS for 33 years. I am a new Trustee, but I have been a recipient of Dementia Forward’s excellent support during my civil partner’s last years living with dementia.  My trustee role focuses on the LGBT community. I do talks to all sections of healthcare on the devastating effects of dementia on the older LGBT community. I am a member of the York LGBT Forum, and am involved in dementia support research with the LGBT Foundation in Manchester and the University of Nottingham.”

Dementia Forward Trustees“My name is Hilary Paxton, and I am one of the original trustees from the time of the formation of Dementia Forward. I have a background in adult social care and health. I work in national policy on mental capacity and deprivation of liberty.  I also work locally as an independent mental capacity advocate (IMCA), representing and advocating for people who lack the mental capacity to represent themselves. My main role as a Trustee is to contribute from my experience in Adult Safeguarding, adult social care and health.”

My name is Jeremy Trigg. I am a retired vicar. As well as serving on the Dementia Forward Board, I am also a member of Ripon Rotary.


Hello: I am Jill Tiernan, retired from a career in health and social care: a professional social worker focussing on older people and families. I have worked at a national level within the Department of Health and at a local level in Staffordshire and Telford & Wrekin as a Joint Commissioning Officer for Family Carers of all ages.

I have a passion for networking and linking people to information and support. I work from a person-centred perspective ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to live well and thrive no matter their age or circumstances. I am currently working with a range of organisations and groups in Settle (Be Settled in Settle) to enable the town to be a safe and welcoming place while living with dementia, or a visible, hidden or mental health need.

I was a carer for my mum who had a stroke and was brought up in an intergenerational family where my grandma lived with us. I saw first hand at the age of 7 why respite, information and support for family carers is so vital for everyone’s wellbeing.

I believe in the philosophy of Dementia Forward and hope that the skills and knowledge that I have gained throughout my career will contribute to the organisation’s development and longevity.