How We Can Support You Wellbeing Activities

Wellbeing activities

‘Wellbeing’ is simply about enjoying life. Dementia can create a number of barriers to enjoying everyday life. Dementia Forward is here to challenge those barriers and to help people to stay motivated. We recognise the importance of continuing chosen activities and pastimes to remain connected with life in the community.

Our wellbeing services provide opportunities for people to socialise with others who share similar circumstances, simply spending time doing something enjoyable in a relaxed and supportive setting.

Wellbeing Cafés

Our cafes provide a drop in services to people in the early and moderate stage of dementia. People can attend on their own or with their family or carer, and enjoy a wide range of activities in a friendly and relaxed environment with people who understand.

Singing for fun

Singing and music can be used as a therapeutic tool and also provide wider benefits such as social interaction and valuable peer support. The singing groups provide a focal point for people to access information and advice through a Dementia Support Advisor.

It is extremely important that people with dementia and their carers are supported to talk about any worries they have and are helped to avoid becoming isolated. Our wellbeing groups allow people to make new friends. You can just be around other people who understand dementia, you don’t have to talk. Just spending time with other people, who know what you’re going through because they’re going through it too, helps in ways it’s hard to describe.

Hilary from Ripley

Younger people with dementia day service

Dementia Forward has teamed up with the local health trust to facilitate a refreshing and innovative day service for younger adults with dementia (people of working age). Through this service, younger people with dementia are supported to engage in various activities around their local areas. This is to promote wellbeing, independence, decision making, and remaining part of the community. The added value of the service is to provide respite for the family carers.

Carer education programmes

Dementia Forward offers a sensitive training programme that helps people to better understand dementia and how to provide appropriate care and support. For some people it can be empowering to understand what a diagnosis of dementia means for the person and their carers and families.

Social activities and outings

Dementia Forward hosts regular social activities to support people with dementia who have explained that dementia has taken their self-confidence away leaving them as risk of social isolation.

I want to tell you that I have never felt so relaxed and confident.
It’s been a real eye opener; diagnosis hit me hard but going to Dementia Forward is really great for us both. We feel surrounded by care and we know there is someone there to call if we need it. Words cannot express how I feel and what a difference it has made to us both.

Jack from Pocklington