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About Dementia Forward

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Dementia Forward is a local registered charity providing support and information to anybody affected by dementia. The charity has developed a comprehensive range of services, with people living with dementia at the heart.

The charity was formed in April 2012 by a professional team of experienced and passionate people who have a profound understanding of dementia. It is a grounded and realistic initiative formed in response to growing need and proactively seeks out the voice of those affected when designing services.

Our Work

The charity is recognised as a vital source of information, advice and support as well as being a strong voice for people living with dementia.  It has a ‘local for local’ approach, using the resource of local community and partnership working to its full.

The staff team is supported and strengthened by a highly-skilled and motivated board of trustees and committed volunteers, in partnership with the statutory and voluntary sector. One of the charity’s aims is to ‘knit’ dementia support into the everyday lives of the local community, so that there is a higher level of understanding and people can continue to live well in their own communities.

Our Vision

When a person is concerned about their memory or has been diagnosed with dementia they will continue to live well, along with their families and local communities. They will feel supported, informed and included.

Our Mission

To deliver a comprehensive range of services that support and promote ‘living well with dementia’ in our local communities.

Our Values

  • Passion – putting our hearts and minds into everything we do.
  • Quality – ensuring that we do everything to a high standard.
  • Innovation – bring new creative ideas that have the potential to change the dementia.
  • Community – working in partnership and making our contribution.
  • Difference – being innovative and championing change.


Dementia Forward is both a registered charity 1148225 governed by the Charity Commission and a company limited by guarantee 8010259 governed by Companies House.


How ever you found us, we are glad that you did. You may have been referred to us by your health professional, social worker, or perhaps you have contacted us directly. We promise to support you and act as your advocate, making sure that your voice is heard by those around you.

Here’s what people using our services have said about us:

A big thank you for all the help you gave to T and J over the last few years. We enjoyed your meetings at ‘The café’. We had some tears but many more laughs especially with J and J. This has been a big learning curve for me and I am so greaful for people like you who give their time to help others. I wish you all the best with Demetia Forward.


Thank you very much for your support. We are so relieved as thanks to you we have now got higher rate Attendance Allowance so we can now go out in the car as much as we want.


My dad has dementia and it has been a confusing and stressful timebut all was made more bearable with the help of Dementia Forward.  They are all wonderful people.  Helpful in every way guiding us thorugh a tricky road.  Our case worker is an earth angel.  They are there if you just want to get stuff off your chest, they also help by contacting and chasing up other agencies like GPs social workers, forms etc.  The Admiral nurse rocks too, nothing but praise for them all.


I want to tell you that I have never felt so relaxed and confident. It’s been a real eye opener and life saver, it hit me hard( my diagnosis) , and going now ( to DF services) is really great for us both. We feel surrounded by care and we know there is someone there to call if we need it. Words cannot express how I feel.


Thank you for all your help and advice – I’ve told everyone how wonderful Dementia Forward  is. I’ve even told our GP’s surgery about the role of the Admiral Nurse.


The passion that you and your team have to help people with dementia is truly inspirational and very special. The way you do it is unique; everyone is made to believe that they are special and can achieve everything they wish.


Some of the names of the people quoted have been changed in order to protect peoples identity.

Dementia Friendly Communities

Taking on the Prime Minister’s Challenge!

Dementia Forward is very proud to be supporting the initiative of making communities dementia friendly. Dementia forward does this by offering free education to organisations, businesses and schools in order to raise the level of awareness and understanding about dementia and supporting them to become members of the Dementia Action Alliance.

Dementia Forward takes an active role in local alliances, sitting on steering groups and networks.

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Netty Newell says:

“We take our hats off to all who have agreed to take time out to learn and to make positive changes. Imagine that you are perhaps running a shop and working hard to make a profit, when a stranger walks through the door and tells you that you need to learn about dementia and change a few things in your organisation – not an easy concept for some organisations. Surprisingly very few have declined the offer of our free education and almost all have agreed to sign up to the Local Dementia Action Alliance and be part of this social change.

To us here at Dementia Forward it is just a conversation that needs to be had. Once one conversation has taken place those involved need to go away and have another conversation, then one day we will look around and see a dementia friendly world.

If you haven’t got involved already you really must or you might get left behind!

Get in touch with us to find out more and be part of this exciting project. It doesn’t take much – it is a true example of little things meaning a lot”.

You can find out more about Dementia Action here and you can join here.

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Follow the links below for more information on your local alliance.

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Ripon & Harrogate District